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7 Ways to Put the Sizzle Back in Your Sex Life

Has the thrill gone from your sex life? Put some sizzle back in the sack with these seven easy tips.


  • Step 1: Have a signature scent Select a scent to wear only when you have sex. You'll soon be able to get your lover excited just by dabbing on your signature cologne or perfume.
  • Step 2: Get everyone out Rid the bedroom of any photos that feature anyone but the two of you. Pictures of children, parents, and pets are subconscious mood killers.
  • Step 3: Make a soundtrack Make a soundtrack for sex, using whatever tunes turn you both on; the right music can help inject some sexy sizzle.
  • TIP: Including a mix of beats, from slow and steady to fast and pounding, can encourage variety in the tempo of your sex play, too.
  • Step 4: Do it in the afternoon Arrange some afternoon hook-ups. Changing up the time of day you have sex -- and choosing a time when you have a lot of energy -- can make things hotter.
  • Step 5: Change positions Change positions -- and not just sexual ones. Doing it with your heads at the foot of the bed, or sideways across the bed, will add spice.
  • Step 6: Watch it Angle a mirror near the bed -- or wherever you're getting it on. Catching glimpses of yourselves in the act can add more sizzle to your sex life than any X-rated movie.
  • Step 7: Go on vacation Go away together -- even if it's just for the weekend. Research shows that couples on vacation not only have more sex, but better sex. And you'll take that holiday-sex glow home with you.
  • FACT: Women between 18 and 50 who drink a glass or 2 of wine a day report higher sex drives and better overall sexual function than women who don't drink at all, according to one study.

You Will Need

  • Signature scent
  • Soundtrack
  • Mirror
  • Vacation

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