7 Ways to Put the Sizzle Back in Your Sex Life

Has the thrill gone from your sex life? Put some sizzle back in the sack with these seven easy tips.

You will need

  • Signature scent
  • Soundtrack
  • Mirror
  • Vacation

Step 1 Have a signature scent Select a scent to wear only when you have sex. You’ll soon be able to get your lover excited just by dabbing on your signature cologne or perfume.

Step 2 Get everyone out Rid the bedroom of any photos that feature anyone but the two of you. Pictures of children, parents, and pets are subconscious mood killers.

Step 3 Make a soundtrack Make a soundtrack for sex, using whatever tunes turn you both on; the right music can help inject some sexy sizzle.

Step 4 Do it in the afternoon Arrange some afternoon hook-ups. Changing up the time of day you have sex — and choosing a time when you have a lot of energy — can make things hotter.

Step 5 Change positions Change positions — and not just sexual ones. Doing it with your heads at the foot of the bed, or sideways across the bed, will add spice.

Step 6 Watch it Angle a mirror near the bed — or wherever you’re getting it on. Catching glimpses of yourselves in the act can add more sizzle to your sex life than any X-rated movie.

Step 7 Go on vacation Go away together — even if it’s just for the weekend. Research shows that couples on vacation not only have more sex, but better sex. And you’ll take that holiday-sex glow home with you.