How to Talk Her into Having Sex with You

Knowing what to say to a potential sex partner can mean the difference between taking her to bed -- or taking a cold shower.

You will need

  • Compliments
  • Altruism
  • Loving children anecdotes
  • Self-deprecating sense of humor
  • Expensive car
  • Listening abilities

Step 1 Make her feel attractive Make her feel physically attractive. When it comes to having sex with someone new, women often let self-doubt about how they look naked get in the way. Make her feel confident about her body and she’ll be more likely to want to get close to you.

Step 2 Talk about your selflessness Casually mention something noble you do. Studies show that women are attracted to altruistic men, making it a good topic if you want to talk her into bed.

Step 3 Talk about children If you have nieces, nephews, or godchildren, talk about them lovingly. The “awww” factor might make her more open to being seduced.

Step 4 Make her laugh Don’t be too serious. Women are attracted to men who can make them laugh — especially if the jokes are self-deprecating.

Step 5 Mention your Lamborghini If you drive an expensive car, say so. If you have a cheap set of wheels, keep it to yourself. Research shows that a guy with a cool ride gets a woman’s motor running faster than the same guy in an unimpressive auto.

Step 6 Know when to shut up Don’t do all the talking. Part of the art of talking her into bed is knowing when to shut up and listen.