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How to Use Dog Training to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

Dogs need a pack leader and will take over if they don't sense one. Maintain your alpha dog position with proven techniques and teach your pet to stop jumping.


  • Step 1: Ignore and avoid eye contact Discourage your dog from jumping and insist it respect boundaries by turning away -- your action tells the animal that you don't approve of their action. Deflect this attention-seeking by ignoring the dog and not making eye contact. Tell all who visit to use the same technique.
  • TIP: When a dog jumps on you, it's trying to prove it's the leader of the household.
  • Step 2: Shun them Move the jumping dog gently aside with firm and unambiguous control, shunning it as a female of the dog's brood would, to establish the animal's submissiveness. This prepares the dog to trust you and learn how to sit, stay, and obey the "off" command when jumping.
  • Step 3: Reduce excitement, set the tone Assert your role as pack leader in all matters of training. Consistently project a calm, aloof demeanor when you walk through the door every day. Reduce the excitement in the room in this way and reserve affection for proper responses.
  • Step 4: Punish with a time out Punish the puppy with a time out if it can't restrain the urge to jump. Return your pup to its crate immediately, forcing an abrupt isolation from desired human company that the dog will connect to its bad behavior.
  • TIP: The response won't be immediate, so be consistent and patient. Prevent behavior rather than having to break bad habits later.
  • Step 5: Control the paws Control the dog if it persists -- snatch it by the paws as it jumps. Make your puppy stand until it appeals by licking your hands or whimpering anxiously, asking to be let down. Drop the paws and walk away so the pup learns to stay down.
  • FACT: The FEMA dogs and handlers for search and rescue operations must be re-certified at least every 2 years.

You Will Need

  • Deflection
  • Calm demeanor
  • Control

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