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How to Liveblog

Want to facilitate dialogue on current events? Try liveblogging, and help an audience feel like they're part of something special as it's happening.


  • Step 1: Pick an event Find something to liveblog about. Choose an event with regularly developing news that will interest your intended audience. Get tickets to attend or plan to watch it live.
  • Step 2: Choose a platform Before the event, pick an established online platform, such as a blog, website, or social network, to publish your updates on. Then, post an update to let the public know when you'll be starting your liveblog.
  • TIP: You can install or embed liveblogging software on your site to make it easier to post information as it happens.
  • Step 3: Update the public Once the event starts, go online and publish in-the-moment updates. Focus on highlights and keep each post concise. Liveblogging on a social-networking site? Use tags to identify the topic of your updates so your audience can find them easily.
  • TIP: If you’re at an event without internet access, use a wireless card to get online.
  • Step 4: Engage your audience Make your liveblog more engaging. Upload pictures of the event, request and respond to audience comments, poll your readers, post live audio or video clips, or link to relevant articles.
  • Step 5: Finish the liveblog Keep updating until the event is over. Then, go find the next subject worth liveblogging about.
  • FACT: As of February 2010, the social media site Twitter was receiving an average of 600 tweets per second.

You Will Need

  • Event
  • Computer or mobile device
  • Internet access
  • Platform
  • Frequent posts
  • Liveblogging software (optional)
  • Wireless card (optional)

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