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How to Understand Women

What makes a woman tick? Here's what experts who have studied female behavior have to say; it may help you better understand the ladies in your life.


  • Step 1: Know the signals women send Recognize the body language that indicates a woman is interested in you: hair-smoothing and tossing; lip-licking; and glancing around the room followed by brief eye contact and a smile. Many women complain men are not good at picking up these flirting cues.
  • Step 2: Shut up and listen If a woman tells you about a problem she's having, don't offer her advice unless she asks for it. More often than not, she just wants you to listen and will become irritated if you start spouting solutions.
  • Step 3: Open up to her If she asks you what you're thinking, tell her. Talking things out is how women connect with other people and relieve stress. If you shut her out, you miss a great opportunity to get closer to her.
  • Step 4: Don't fear "The Talk" Don't get defensive when a woman says, "we need to talk." Relationship counselors say the reason these confrontations often end badly is because the man feels attacked and gets angry or withdraws, and the woman ends up feeling disrespected. Instead of putting up a wall, listen to her concerns with an open mind.
  • Step 5: Understand rejection If you've fought with the woman in your life and now she's rejecting you sexually, understand that she's probably not doing it to be vindictive. Many women need time to reconnect with you emotionally before they can desire you physically.
  • TIP: If you're a husband who wants to get his wife into bed, do some housework. Women find that a real turn-on.
  • Step 6: Do the small stuff Don't underestimate the importance of small romantic gestures, especially if they're unexpected. And if she does something nice for you, thank her. Because women and men ultimately want the same things: love, respect, and appreciation.
  • FACT: 56 percent of women surveyed said their pets are more affectionate than their partners.

You Will Need

  • Body language cues
  • Listening skills
  • Openness
  • Romantic gestures

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