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How to Be a Man Magnet

Want to be the kind of woman who gets every man's attention when she walks into a room? Try these proven strategies to attract men like a magnet.


  • Step 1: Wear red Wear red, which makes men feel more amorous. In one study, they were also more likely to ask a woman wearing red on a date and more inclined to spend money on her.
  • Step 2: Show some skin Show some skin -- 40 percent, to be exact Researchers who observed men and women in nightclubs found that the women who were approached the most bared about 40 percent of their flesh; showing more or less skin than that turned men off.
  • Step 3: Go for contrast Use your makeup to play up certain features; try bright red lips with subdued eye makeup, or dramatic eye makeup and nude lipstick. Research about men's preferences for women's makeup revealed that men are attracted to contrast.
  • Step 4: Send out signals Show you're available -- and interested; it's key to being a man magnet. One study found that the women who get the most male attention are the ones who send the most signals, regardless of their attractiveness.
  • TIP: Smiling at a man broadly and throwing him a short, darting glance are two of the most effective nonverbal flirting techniques.
  • Step 5: Have wingmen Bring a few male pals with you to be your adoring wingmen if you want to be a man magnet. Men will find you more attractive if you appear to be in great demand.
  • Step 6: Close the deal If a man you like talks to you, close the deal by smiling and maintaining eye contact. The simple truth is that men are most often attracted to women who seem to like them.
  • FACT: Looking at a woman with an hourglass figure lights up the same part of the male brain that's activated when a person is high on drugs, according to a study.

You Will Need

  • Red outfit
  • Bare skin
  • Contrasting makeup
  • Sexual signals
  • Wingmen
  • Smile
  • Eye contact

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