How to Survive in a Teenage Wasteland

Can't wait to get past the mindlessness of youth? With some helpful hints from The Who and their classic hit "Baba O'Riley," you can survive a teenage wasteland.

You will need

  • Manual labor
  • Self-confidence
  • Joyful people
  • Friend (optional)

Step 1 Fight for your meals Most teenagers live for their smartphones, TV shows, and trips to the mall. Separate yourself from the pack — get out to the fields and farm the land. Put your back into surviving to help you focus on what’s substantive in life.

Step 2 Be confident Make decisions with confidence, ignoring anyone who questions you — you don’t need to fight to prove you’re right to a bunch of teenage slackers. You also don’t need to ask for forgiveness.

Step 3 Don't cry If the teenage wasteland’s meaninglessness starts to get to you, don’t cry. Those who waste their youths will have to make up for it at some point if they want to survive the adult world.

Step 4 Join the exodus Can’t handle the despair? Join the exodus in search of happy like-minded people who can remind you that the world is populated with more than just soulless idiots.

Step 5 Get together with others Once you’ve found a community, enjoy the togetherness, before you get much older. And if you find yourself thinking about the youth you’ve left behind, just remember: it’s only teenage wasteland.