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How to Headbang

Heavy metal music may be loud and crude -- but you _love_ it! Show your devotion to the power of rock and learn to headbang.


  • Step 1: Look the part Dress like a metal head: black combat boots, tight black jeans, leather pants, or army fatigues, a black T-shirt, and metallic accessories. Then, grow your hair at least down to your shoulders, if not longer, to show off when you headbang.
  • Step 2: Blast the music Blast some metal that features heavy power chords, blistering solos, and booming drums. Feel the rhythm through your body.
  • Step 3: Bang your head Stand up and forcefully nod your head up and down in time with the beat. Shake your hair in front of your face as you move and let the spirit of dark rock overtake you.
  • Step 4: Try different styles Mix up your style. Shake your head from side to side, or swing your head around in a circular motion so your hair rotates through the air. To take it to the next level, bend up and down at the waist as you headbang.
  • Step 5: Use your whole body Throw the rest of your body into your headbang. Stick your pinky and index fingers in the air like devil horns, position your hand like you're holding an invisible orange, play air guitar, emit a deep roar as you lose yourself in the music -- just stop before you get whiplash.
  • FACT: The term "headbang" originated after a 1968 Led Zeppelin concert, when fans in the front row banged their heads on the stage in time to the music.

You Will Need

  • Appropriate clothing
  • Long hair
  • Heavy metal music
  • Desire to thrash
  • Shaved head (optional)

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