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How to Make a Camp Oven

Make your own camp oven, and bake your catch of the day or even wild berries into a pie.


  • Step 1: Cut off the flaps Make sure your box is large enough to contain your campfire grill. Then use your knife to cut the flaps off the top of the box.
  • Step 2: Cut ventilation holes Cut three ventilation holes near the bottom of the box, through two facing sides. This will allow oxygen to enter the oven while allowing other gasses to escape.
  • Step 3: Cover with aluminum foil Cover the outside of the box and completely line the inside of the box with aluminum foil. Use the sponge and craft glue to adhere the foil to the box.
  • TIP: You can also staple the foil to the box.
  • Step 4: Season your oven Dab a rag in cooking oil and spread a light coat of oil over the aluminum foil lining of your oven to season it.
  • Step 5: Cut a flap Cut a flap into one side of your oven to allow you to check on and remove your food. Use a stick to open and close the flap.
  • Step 6: bake your food Create a fire in your fire pit and set your grill over the fire. When the fire dies down and you have red-hot coals, set your food on the grill and place your oven, open-side down, over your food. Now you can bake up dinner.
  • FACT: Human activity is the primary cause of wilderness fires.

You Will Need

  • Cardboard box
  • Campfire grill
  • Knife
  • Aluminum foil
  • Sponge
  • Craft glue
  • Rag
  • Cooking oil
  • Stick
  • Campfire
  • Stapler (optional)

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