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How to Identify the Causes of Cat Sneezing

Could that sneeze be a response to an irritant or allergen, or something more serious? Identify the causes of your cat's sneezes with these tips.


  • Step 1: Look for patterns in the cat's sneezing Look for patterns in the cat's sneezing. Does the cat sneeze, for example, only when it uses the litter box, or after you've cleaned the house? If so, the cause of the sneezing may be an irritant or allergen.
  • Step 2: Consider common irritants or allergens Consider the most likely sources of the cat's sneezing. Common irritants or allergens may include cigarette smoke, perfume, pest sprays, cat litter, dust, and cleaning agents.
  • Step 3: Consult a veterinarian Consult a veterinarian if there does not appear to be any pattern in the cat's sneezing, or the sneezing is continuous.
  • TIP: Many respiratory infections in cats can be prevented with vaccines.
  • Step 4: Have the cat tested Let the vet take a culture specimen from the cat if there is a possibility of an infection. If there is an infection, the test will be able to determine whether it is bacterial, viral, or fungal. Once detected, your furry friend's irritated sinuses will be on their way to recovery.
  • FACT: The respiratory system in cats plays an important role in regulation of temperature because felines do not sweat.

You Will Need

  • Sneezing patterns
  • List of common irritants or allergens
  • Veterinarian
  • Culture

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