How to Follow Wedding Shower Etiquette

One of the maid of honor's many responsibilities is leading the planning of a wedding shower. It can be a daunting task, but if you adhere to simple etiquette guidelines, the party can be an elegant success.

You will need

  • Bride
  • Guests
  • Invitations
  • Registry information
  • Groom
  • Shower theme
  • Venue (optional)

Step 1 Listen to the bride Take cues from the bride about what she wants, but don’t let her end up running the whole shower. This is supposed to be a gift from the maid of honor or bridesmaids to the bride, so ultimately you make the decisions.

Step 2 Send invites Send invitations at least one month in advance. Remember, only invite people to the shower who are already invited to the wedding. Include a card noting where the couple is registered for gifts.

Step 3 Invite the groom Don’t forget the groom! It is traditional for the groom to show up toward the end of the shower and mingle with guests. These gifts are for him too, after all!

Step 4 Foot the bill Don’t expect people to contribute money to you for hosting the bridal shower. It is the responsibility of the host to take on the cost burden.

Step 5 Inform guests of theme Choose a theme, such as kitchen or bathroom, to signal to guests what kind of gift they should pick out. Make sure to decide the theme and send along that information with the invitation.

Step 6 Leave thanks to the bride Leave thank-you notes to the bride and groom, the recipients of the gifts. You as host of the shower are not responsible for thank-you cards. Following these etiquette rules is sure to get you a heartfelt “thank you” of your own.