How to Use the Dog Whisperer's Techniques to Train Your Dog

If balance is what you crave in your life, apply these techniques from the Dog Whisperer and put yourself and your dog into the right relationship.

You will need

  • Dog
  • Time

Step 1 Be the leader Establish your role as leader. Always use a calm, assertive voice when speaking to your dog. Dogs will try to become dominant if you show signs of weakness.

Step 2 Maintain balance Maintain balance by fulfilling the dog’s physical, psychological, and emotional needs.

Step 3 Begin each day with exercise Begin each day with exercise. Keep a consistent routine.

Step 4 Don't give free affection Don’t give free affection — make the dog work for it. He must obey all your rules and commands first.

Step 5 Take time off Take time off of training so your dog can relax and enjoy being a dog — the way nature intended.

Step 6 Remember dogs are not human Remember that dogs are not human and that they view the world differently. Dogs communicate with their noses, their eyes, and lastly their ears. Realizing these differences will enable you to have a deeper relationship with your four-legged friend.