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How to Identify Rare Cat Breeds

Rare cat breeds are distinguished by their color combination and their small breed numbers. Here are a handful of breeds to consider when looking for a pet.


  • Step 1: Consider the Lambkin Dwarf Cat Consider the Lambkin dwarf cat. This breed has short legs, long bodies, and curly coats. It is a crossbreed of the munchkin and Selkirk rex.
  • Step 2: Give thought to the Kinkalow Cat Give some thought to the Kinkalow cat. The breed has the body type and short legs of the munchkin and the curled back ears of the American curl.
  • Step 3: Look into the Highlander Cat Look into the Highlander Cat. This breed has long or short hair, and is found in many colors. The ears curl back and there are spots on the bellies.
  • TIP: The Highlander Cat acts like a dog, following its owner around and even playing fetch.
  • Step 4: Investigate the Serengeti Cat Investigate the Serengeti cat. The breed is spotted and appears in several colors.
  • Step 5: Research the American Wirehair Cat Research the American wirehair cat. This breed has coarse and wiry fur. Now you should be able to find a not-so-common cat to spark your fancy.
  • FACT: The International Cat Association (TICA) is the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats.

You Will Need

  • Selection of cats to identify

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