How to Use Dog Whisperer Tips to Get a Dog to Stop Chewing Shoes

Save your favorite pair of heels or running shoes by understanding your best friend's behavior and get him to stop munching your moccasins.

You will need

  • Dog
  • Chewed shoe
  • Toys
  • Treats (optional)

Step 1 Catch him in the act Catch the dog in the act of chewing and stay clam. Do not take the shoe away from him.

Step 2 Tap the dog Tap the dog on the neck or backside. It will distract him and make him drop the shoe.

Step 3 Take the shoe Take the shoe away from the dog. Place it in an area that is yours so the dog will learn that’s where the shoes belong.

Step 4 Use body language Use body language and energy to communicate to the dog that the shoe belongs to you. Sending the dog energy that says you don’t approve of what it’s doing will help it learn.

Step 5 Give a toy Give the dog a safe toy to chew. Repeat this process with anything the dog is not allowed to wrap his jaws around.