How to Identify the Causes of Prostate Cancer

Understanding the causes of prostate cancer means coming to grips with the risk factors for the disease. Knowing your risk factors may put your mind at ease.

You will need

  • Family history

Step 1 Know role of age Know that the risk of developing prostate cancer increases with age. The disease is most common in men over 65.

Step 2 Understand the role of race Understand that black men have a greater risk of developing the disease than men of other races. The reason for this is not known.

Step 3 Be aware of heredity Be aware that prostate cancer runs in families. If men in your family are prone to the disease, there is an increased likelihood that you may get it as well.

Step 4 Recognize the role of obesity Recognize that obesity increases your risk of developing advanced prostate cancer — the most difficult form of the disease to treat. So take note — this is one risk factor that you have some control over.