How to Block Unwanted Text Messages

If you're getting unwanted text messages to your cellphone, you can file a complaint or configure your phone carrier account to block the spam.

You will need

  • Online carrier account
  • Phone number alias
  • Registration at FCC "Do Not Call" list
  • FCC complaint form

Step 1 Know what a spam text message is Know what a spam text message is. You can’t delete it without opening it first. If you do open it, you’ll be charged by your carrier.

Step 2 Contact your carrier's customer service Contact your carrier’s customer service department. If you don’t use text messaging, ask them to disable the service from your account. Be aware, though, that some carriers won’t do this.

Step 3 Go to your carrier's website Go to your carrier’s website and create an online account. Each carrier has a way to set your phone to block at least some text messages.

Step 4 Create a phone number alias Create a phone number alias via your carrier to block spammers that have your phone number. Give your alias only to those you choose.

Step 5 Complain to your carrier Complain to your carrier if you’re charged for unwanted spam text messages that you’ve opened.

Step 6 Register for the Do Not Call list Register your phone number with the Federal Communication Commission’s “Do Not Call” list. File a complaint form for unwanted spam text messages. And stop receiving unwanted text messages on your phone.