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How to Exercise in Water

Avoid sore knees and achy feet by moving your exercise routine from land to water.


  • Step 1: March in place March or walk in place in the water. Keep your back straight and your feet flat and walk both backwards and forwards.
  • TIP: To increase the resistance, use small, hand-held water weights.
  • Step 2: Do jumping jacks Do jumping jacks. Plant your feet flat on the pool's floor and relax your arms at your sides. Jump up and spread your legs outward while lifting your outstretched arms upward.
  • Step 3: Use a kickboard Use a kickboard. Hold one end of the kickboard with the hand of an extended arm and the other end with the hand of your other arm, held close to your body. Then move the kickboard from side to side, creating resistance against the water. Do this 12 to 15 times.
  • Step 4: Work your legs Work your legs by holding the side of the pool and standing on one leg while stretching the other leg out in front of you. Bring the stretched knee close to your chest and then return it to its starting position while stretching out the other. Repeat this exercise 12 to 15 times.
  • TIP: To increase resistance, tie a pool noodle around your foot while doing leg exercises.
  • Step 5: Float Relax by floating. Let go of your body and let it float on the surface of the water. This will help relax your muscles and get you ready for your next aqua workout session.
  • FACT: In 2009, a CDC report stated that people enjoy water-based exercise more than exercising on land.

You Will Need

  • Pool
  • Kickboard
  • Water weights (optional)
  • Pool noodle (optional)

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