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How to Make Your House Feel More like a Home

No matter what your design style, these clever decorating tricks will give your house the warm, cozy feeling of home.


  • Step 1: Use vintage fabric Use vintage fabric to create cozy accessories. One vintage curtain panel can yield up to three 20-inch square pillows to accessorize your bedroom.
  • TIP: Use the vintage fabric on the front of the pillow and buy new, coordinating fabric for the back to save yardage.
  • Step 2: Mix furniture Mix furniture styles and centuries. Group heirloom antiques with newer pieces for a relaxed, lived-in feeling. Or simply add antique accent pieces, like antique flower prints on the wall.
  • TIP: Refresh matching vintage or antique pieces by reupholstering in modern fabrics. It will still feel lived in but look fresher and newer.
  • Step 3: Try print walls Try an elegant, timeless print on the walls or curtains of a guest bedroom or bathroom, like a toile print. It adds a coziness and a touch of whimsy.
  • Step 4: Choose strong fabrics Choose a strong fabric for the main furniture pieces and design the rest of the room around it. Bold colors or graphic prints instantly add a homey feel. Mix textures to add warmth and interest.
  • Step 5: Add quirky accents Add quirky accents, such as homemade drawings, paintings, sculpture, or an odd lighting fixture. Use your own special touch to make a unique impression.
  • TIP: Plants and flowers add an earthy touch to any home.
  • Step 6: Warm up a room Warm up any room with long curtains, big pillows or cushions, a plush area rug, and comfortable furniture to make everyone feel right at home.
  • FACT: According to a 2008 National Association of Home Builders study, home buyers spent an average of $5,288 on furnishings during the first year after buying a home.

You Will Need

  • Vintage fabric
  • Mix of styles
  • Printed wallpaper or curtains
  • Bold fabric in a mix of textures
  • Quirky accent pieces
  • Curtains
  • pillows
  • an area rug
  • and comfortable furniture
  • Plants and flowers (optional)

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