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How to Build a Heavy Bag Stand

If you can't hang your heavy bag from a solid ceiling beam, construct this sturdy stand and get a great workout wherever you need it.


  • Step 1: Create the base Create the base of the stand. Screw 4 of the 4-foot pipes into the 5-way pipe junction. Put an end cap on the open end of each of these pipes.
  • Step 2: Add the 8-foot pipe Screw the 8-foot pipe into the fifth slot of the 5-way splitter. Then attach the 3-way pipe junction to the other end of the 8-foot pipe.
  • Step 3: Attach remaining pipes Attach the remaining 4-foot pipes by screwing them into the 2 open slots of the 3-way splitter. Cap the remaining open ends of the pipes.
  • Step 4: Weld the rings Weld the two iron rings about 6 inches from the far ends of the 2 top pipes of the stand.
  • Step 5: Hang bag and weights Hang your heavy bag by the chain to one of rings on the upper pipes. Hang the counterweights the same way from the other welded ring.
  • TIP: Make sure the counterweights equal the weight of your bag to ensure stability and prevent floor damage.
  • Step 6: Tighten it down Tighten all the pipes with a pipe wrench until they are firmly secured to make sure your stand is strong and solid -- just like you'll be after your heavy bag workout.
  • FACT: As of 2010, Rocky Marciano was the only heavyweight champion who retired undefeated.

You Will Need

  • 6 4-ft. x 1-in. diameter iron pipes with threaded ends
  • 1 8-ft. x 1-in. diameter iron pipe with threaded ends
  • 6 1-in. end caps
  • 1-in. five-way threaded iron pipe junction
  • 1-in. three-way threaded iron pipe junction
  • Welding unit
  • 2 2-in x 1/4-in. diameter iron rings
  • Counterweights equal to the weight of your heavy bag
  • Heavy bag
  • Pipe wrench

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