How to Report a Hacked Twitter Account

If you believe that your Twitter account has been hacked, you can report this security breach even if you can't log into your account.

You will need

  • E-mail address
  • New password
  • Computer security software
  • Password reset form
  • Customer support request

Step 1 Notice telltale signs Notice telltale signs that your account was hacked, including unexpected tweets and direct messages sent from your account to one or more followers.

Step 2 Take precautions before reporting Take precautions before reporting to Twitter customer service. If you can log into your account, go to Account Settings and change your password.

Step 3 Revoke access to third party apps Revoke access to third-party Twitter apps that you don’t recognize. To do so, click the Connections tab in Account Settings.

Step 4 Scan your computer for malware Scan your computer with security software, looking for malware that can collect passwords, including your Twitter account password.

Step 5 E-mail a support request E-mail a customer support request if you still can’t log in. Include your e-mail address, username, and the date when you last accessed your account. Once you’ve made contact with customer service, you’ll be back on your way to secure tweets.