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How to Get Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If your bathroom could use a shot of style but you're running low on ideas, this guide will help you find the inspiration you need to update that porcelain palace.


  • Step 1: Pick up a magazine Peruse a decorating or remodeling magazine to start picking up on some decorating ideas. Be sure to have a strong opinion of what you like and don't like as you begin forming a game plan.
  • TIP: Decide on a theme or style. Are you looking for a country-cottage style? Modern? Deco?
  • Step 2: Focus on the details Go beyond just paint and tile and focus on the details of your bathroom, like curtains, towels, bathmats, and accessories.
  • Step 3: Visit a home store Visit a home store or garden supply store for inspiration. Think about using different items beyond their normal purpose. Choose a stone mat as a bath mat, or use terry cloth towels as shower curtains.
  • Step 4: Tour a show room Tour a bathroom remodeling company's show room, or check out a home remodeling expo -- just remember to bring your camera to take a few snap shots of elements you like.
  • Step 5: Find an antique shop Find an antique shop that sells old and reclaimed items to think outside the box -- an old ladder can double as a towel rack, or an old wicker basket could hold toiletries. Take your time to pick the perfect accents -- the possibilities are endless.
  • FACT: President William Howard Taft, who stood over 6 feet tall and tipped the scales at 300 pounds, once got stuck in the White House bathtub.

You Will Need

  • Decorating magazines
  • Strong opinion
  • Local stores
  • Time

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