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How to Buy Water Exercise Equipment

With more water-training devices than ever, learn how to wade through the myriad of choices in water exercise equipment and make the right choice.


  • : Always consult a physician before attempting to do any exercise or exercise plan.
  • Step 1: Start with swimming equipment Start with a pair of swim goggles and a swim cap if you are a swimmer. These basic items can also aid anyone involved in water sports.
  • Step 2: Get water aerobics gear Get water aerobics gear, such as a flotation belt, foam barbells, and a set of foot cuffs. A flotation belt fastens around your waist and lets you tread water or work out in deep water, while foot cuffs attached to your ankles and aquatic barbells provide resistance for a more intense workout.
  • TIP: A foam water noodle can also be used in place of a flotation belt.
  • Step 3: Consider a kickboard Consider a kickboard. It allows you to concentrate on proper leg movement and improves your cardiovascular fitness while giving your upper body a rest.
  • Step 4: Try pull floats Try pull floats, which immobilize your legs while you concentrate on your arm technique and working out your upper body.
  • Step 5: Add swim fins and webbed gloves Add swim fins to get a more powerful kick while swimming and to work out your legs. Similarly, webbed gloves can increase the power of each stroke while swimming laps or give you a leg up while doing water aerobics.
  • Step 6: Energize your workout Energize your water workout by strapping on an underwater mp3 player, which attaches to swim goggles or a snorkeling mask. Now, work out with the music!
  • FACT: Ben Franklin, an expert swimmer, devised fins shaped like lily pads that he wore on his hands to increase his speed in the water.

You Will Need

  • Swim goggles and a swim cap
  • Flotation belt
  • foam barbells
  • and a set of foot cuffs
  • Kickboard
  • Pull floats
  • Swim fins and webbed gloves
  • Underwater mp3 player
  • Foam water noodle (optional)

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