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How to Write a Letter Rejecting a Job Offer

When you decide to reject a job offer, you don't want to burn bridges between you and potential future colleagues and peers. There are ways to soften the blow of a rejection and still remain friendly.


  • Step 1: Decide Decide what you want to do quickly. The more notice you give the company that you will not be accepting the offer, the more time they have to find someone else.
  • Step 2: Write a letter Write a real letter, even if you're sending it as an e-mail. Make sure the language you use is polite and formal.
  • Step 3: Thank Thank the company for their offer first and foremost. Tell them that you appreciate the offer.
  • Step 4: Reject Reject the offer upfront and clearly state that you are, in fact, declining their offer.
  • Step 5: Give reasons Give them a reason why you are turning them down. If there is a problem with their process or with the offer, you want them to know to so they can make corrections.
  • TIP: If you are taking a job somewhere else, it's all right to say that -- but don't smugly discuss how much better the other offer is.
  • Step 6: Keep a door open Keep a door open for a future relationship with this company by being positive and friendly. You never know who you might need as a friend in the future.
  • FACT: In 1943, Walter Cronkite rejected a $125-a-week job offer from Edward R. Murrow to do wartime reporting, deciding instead to stay with United Press for $92 a week.

You Will Need

  • Decisiveness
  • Letter
  • Politeness

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