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How to Avoid Back Strain with a Shoulder Bag

A bag can do more than carry everything you own; it can also cause a lot of pain. Make sure you take care of your muscles by making your bag more back-friendly.


  • Step 1: Clean out Clean out the stuff you don't need from your bag every night. Don't lug around more weight than you need to.
  • Step 2: Limit the weight Limit the weight of your bag. Don't carry more than 2 percent of your body weight -- especially using just one shoulder! A lighter bag can ease muscle strain.
  • TIP: Buy a smaller bag to encourage yourself to keep the weight of the bag down. If you don't have room for the heavy stuff you can't carry it!
  • Step 3: Switch shoulders Switch shoulders every 15-20 minutes so that one side isn't holding all the weight.
  • TIP: Adjust the strap so that the bag can lay across the body.
  • Step 4: Maintain your muscles Maintain your muscles so they can more easily handle the weight of your bag. Perform back stretches, use good posture, follow a strength training regimen at the gym that strengthens your back, and treat yourself to the occasional massage.
  • FACT: In 2007, Chanel unveiled a purse that was encrusted with 334 diamonds and cost over $250,000.

You Will Need

  • Shoulder bag
  • Good posture

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