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How to Lose Weight with a Pool Water Exercise Regimen

Blast fat and burn calories with this fun and super effective water workout.


  • Step 1: Do 30-second reps Do as many reps of each of the following exercises as you can in 30 seconds, rest, and repeat. Increase to 45 to 60 seconds as the exercises become easier.
  • Step 2: Roll like an otter Float on your back, hugging the beach ball to your chest with your legs extended and feet together. Roll over the top of the ball to one side with your whole body to make a complete revolution. When you return to the starting position, take a breath and roll in the other direction.
  • TIP: This move works your abs, back, legs, and butt.
  • Step 3: Work your upper body Work your upper body and abs. Float face down holding the ball with your arms outstretched. With your arms straight, push the ball underneath you as quickly as you can. Your head will pop above the water so you can take a breath. When ball reaches your thighs, bend your elbows to bring it back to surface.
  • TIP: The larger the ball, the more intense the workout.
  • Step 4: Try the pike scull Stand in the shallow end of the pool and sit back into the water, treading water with your hands at your sides. Then lift both legs together at your hips into a V, or jackknife, position until your toes are just above the surface. Move your cupped hands in little circles to tread water and propel yourself forward.
  • Step 5: Do jumping jacks Do jumping jacks by standing in the shallow end, bending your knees, and springing up off of the bottom of the pool. Kick your legs out to the sides and swing your arms over your head so that your limbs form a star shape. Land with your knees bent and feet apart. Then jump again and bring your feet arms back.
  • Step 6: Work your body Work your whole body. Tread water in the deep end, making little circles with your hands cupped, and lift your left leg straight in front of you at hip level while reaching the toes of your left foot toward the bottom of the pool. Hold for five seconds and then switch legs. Alternate sides and keep at it until you're at your target weight.
  • FACT: In 2010, researchers found that only about 5 percent of American adults do some type of vigorous physical activity on any given day.

You Will Need

  • Pool
  • Beach ball

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