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How to Find Work as a Day Laborer

If you're strong, good with your hands, and are willing to work outside in all kinds of weather, embark on an adventure each day with a different job.


  • : Familiarize yourself with local laws to make sure soliciting work is legal in your area. Don't block or impede traffic when soliciting work.
  • Step 1: Gather in high traffic areas Gather near high traffic areas like busy intersections, parks, or the parking lot of home improvement stores to find someone needing hired help. Be persistent as you wait in trying weather.
  • TIP: Some cities have day laborer hiring sites to make the process of finding work easier.
  • Step 2: Focus on manual labor Focus on manual labor jobs, such as helping with landscaping, laying bricks or stone, or painting the interior and exterior of homes and businesses.
  • Step 3: Advertise your skills Advertise your skills in community centers, at local churches, and employment offices. If you have maintenance skills, market yourself as a jack of all trades willing to work on home repair.
  • TIP: Negotiate your labor costs on the spot, either by the job or by the hour. Just don't short change yourself.
  • Step 4: Talk with neighbors Talk with neighbors and business owners to let them know you're interested in any work they have to offer for a reasonable price. Often people will have projects that need tackling but lack the time to do them themselves.
  • Step 5: Foster connections Foster connections with other laborers and employers of temporary worker to get first crack at upcoming jobs, or join in on existing ones where more help is needed.
  • Step 6: Join a local temporary worker agency Join a local temporary worker agency or the National Day Laborer Organizing Network to find work more easily, as well as get protection from abuses. With a little rugged determination, work will be flowing your way in no time.
  • FACT: In June 2010, a U.S. appeals court ruled that cities can prohibit day laborers from soliciting work from passing drivers.

You Will Need

  • Persistance
  • Personal connections
  • Rugged determination

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