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How to Wear a Garter Belt

Put some sizzle in your sex life — or just feel more sensual — by donning a good old-fashioned garter belt.


  • Step 1: Pick a fabric Think about what kind of fabric you want -- garter belts come in satin, lace, fishnet, mesh, leather, and vinyl.
  • Step 2: Decide on straps Decide how many straps you need, usually between four and 12. Four are fine if your garter's main role will be as a sexy bedtime accessory, but you'll want more support if you plan to wear the belt for longer.
  • TIP: For a slimming effect, choose a garter belt with a hidden control panel.
  • Step 3: Spring for metal clips Pick a garter belt with metal clips, as opposed to plastic ones. You'll pay more, but you'll reduce the chances of the clips popping open. And make sure the straps are adjustable.
  • Step 4: Get a good fit See that the garter belt sits securely on your waist, but is not tight.
  • Step 5: Wear quality stockings Wear stockings that are designed to be worn with a garter belt. You'll be able to identify them by the thicker, darker band at the top, known as the welt.
  • TIP: Splurge on silk stockings; they'll cost more initially, but the payoff is that they last longer -- and look better.
  • Step 6: Attach the clasps Attach each clasp to the welt, taking care to keep the straps straight. You do this by placing the round part of the clasp under the stocking, about an inch from the top of the welt, and then pressing the part with the loop over it, to form a lock.
  • Step 7: Adjust the strap length Once the straps are clasped to the stockings, adjust their lengths just as you'd adjust a bra strap. To gauge how much slack you need in the back in order to sit down without snapping your stockings, lift your leg onto a chair and adjust.
  • Step 8: Pair them with great panties Pair your garter belt with a beautiful pair of panties in either the same color or a complementary one.
  • Step 9: Hand wash your garter Keep your garter belt in good shape by hand washing it in a mild detergent.
  • FACT: Sales of garter belts rose 15% after Susan Sarandon wore them in the 1988 film Bull Durham.

You Will Need

  • A garter belt
  • Stockings
  • A mild detergent
  • Matching panties

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