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How to Do Finger Exercise #1 on Guitar

Learn how to do finger exercise #1 in this Howcast video for beginner guitar players.


Lets talk about finger exercises. What we're going to do here is we're trying to get your fingers to work independently from each other, right. So, a very simple exercise that we can do sounds like this- one, two ,three, four, four, three, two, one, right. You could do that. Now notice I'm stretching across four frets at the end there and I'm leaving them all down. That's important because you really want the sensation of just one finger moving every time, right. Then you can move up one fret and do the same thing, right. You can just keep moving up the whole guitar neck. Now you're not trying to go fast you're just trying to make everything work together. That doesn't happen with speed, right. That happens with careful planning, right, every time, right. Now, once you've reached a certain spot on the guitar it's up to you. I like the twelfth fret. We can try to go backwards now, right. So, why don't we do the whole thing backwards which is four, three, two, one, one, two, three, four. Same thing, we're going to move down one fret and do the same thing four,three, two, one,one, two, three, four. Nice and even, right. It doesn't matter how slow you do it. And then all the way down, right. Now, another thing you can do here is we can try and alternate pick. Now this is not an easy thing. This would be the second level after you've already mastered that exercise with all down picks. The next thing you might want to try is alternate picking. Remember, that's down, up, down, up, or up, however you want to think about it, but it's alternating the direction, right. And so now you're adding a whole new level of what you're doing here. Right,now that might take a while to put together so don't get frustrated. It took me a long time to be able to do that. And, of course, we can do it backwards. Same concept we're going backwards and alternating picking. And you work your way all the way back down. And it's a great exercise, not only on the first string, but you can do it on the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth. You can do it while watching TV, reading the computer. It's a great exercise to gain finger independence.

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