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How to Tune a Guitar to Drop D

Learn how to tune a guitar to Drop D in this Howcast video.


Okay, so what we're talking about are alternate tunings. And uh, lots of different groups use alternate tunings. It can make the guitar more exotic sounding. Some groups like Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, uh Muse, some bluegrass artists, folk music, country music, the list is endless, right? One tuning they could use, it's very simple to do, is called a drop D tuning. And all I'm doing is I'm dropping the 6th string down to the note D, right? So how do I do that? Well I already have a D on the guitar. So here I have a 4th string D, right? And so I'm trying to match that note, but, but it's gonna be down, right? So, there you go. Right so, so maybe you're playing some heavy metal, right, that it, that requires, right some really heavy bottom end, right? Or maybe you just want a more exotic sound on the guitar. Right here's, here's D, a little more resonant because now I have a D as my lowest note, you know? And that's how you can make a drop D tuning.

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