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How to Tap Your Foot along with Guitar Scales

Learn how to tap your foot along with guitar scales in this Howcast video.


We can also tap our foot with scales or melodies, or a single note right. And we can take some of those rhythm concepts and put it all together right. So what does that mean? Maybe I'll play the pentatonic scale -- one note per beat. So first let me get my beat going, right. Here's my foot tapping, and I'm going [tap , tap, tap, tap]. All right, those were quarter notes. We talked about them earlier, right. Now, how about we try two in one beat, but now I'm still tapping my foot, right, so I'm going [tap , tap, tap, tap]. How about three in one beat, the triplets right. Tri-pl-et, tri-pl-et, tri-pl-et. So how about four in one beat, and a 1 beat, and a 2 beat, and a 3 beat, and a 4 beat. So when you start tapping your foot you start to realize it's not math, it's really a feeling right. Every rhythm has a particular sound that you can hear right. So a note, and 2, and 3 beat, you can really hear the triplets right. Trip-e-lets. Or 16 notes. So, tapping your foot is a great way to practice scales and really be in tune with everybody else that's playing music around you.

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