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How to Buy an Electric Guitar

Learn everything you need to know about how to buy an electric guitar in this Howcast video.


  • Step 1: In terms of where to buy an electric guitar, the internet is probably the cheapest option but you can also go to local or chain music stores.
  • Step 2: Additional accessories to take into account with electric guitars are a cable and an amp. Look into kits, which will include everything you need to get started usually at a lower price than buying everything separate.
  • Step 3: The major brands to consider are Fender and Gibson. Although, these typically run in the much higher price range, there are lower end models that are more affordable.


So when you buy an electric guitar, you can go several routes. You can go through the internet, you can go to one of the chain stores that are all across the USA, there's a couple of them, and then you can go to your local music store, right. They all have their benefits. You know, the internet is probably the cheapest way to to go.

You're going to need a cable, right, a guitar cable and this is going to plug into your amplifier and that's very important. You need an amplifier if you buy an electric guitar. So, there's more cost with the electric guitar. You're going to need the amplifier, you need the cable, maybe a strap, the case. There's a lot involved in that. So, what I really like are these kits that they make. They have all that included. The kits that I've seen on the internet and at these stores are $200 or $300 and you're on your way to playing.

So there's two big names in guitar, right there's Fender, that's what this is, a Fender, and then there's Gibson. There's more, but this is a broad spectrum right here, Fender and Gibson. So they are very expensive guitars, right, made for the professional guitarist. They can run $1000 and up, right, but they have lower line models that you could buy. So for instance, Fender, they happen to be made in the USA, but their lower lines, right, are they have a guitar that's made in Mexico, that is very affordable brand new: $200, $300 range. Gibson has a company called Epiphone that is their subsidiary, right, and same concept. They're made somewhere else, they're not made in the USA, but they're very good guitars, in fact Epiphone, I think, is in fact the most popular brand there is for brand new guitars and they have similar price ranges. You know, $200, $300, $400 for a beautiful guitar. It'll last for a while, you'll play it, you'll get to know what you like about the guitar, what you don't like about the guitar and then your next purchase, right, that you might spend $500, $600 on, you'll know exactly what you want.

Electric Vs Acoustic

So when I am here holding an electric guitar this has no acoustic valves or whatsoever right so what does that mean. That means that unless I plug it into an amplifier it makes no sound. So if are going to buy an electric guitar you are going to need to buy an amplifier right You need to buy a cable lot of accessories you got to have lot of accessories. But in acoustic guitar with the size about that is it just plays. You don't need anything. When I was a kid, the adage was you have to learn on a horrible acoustic guitar that is hard to play and it strengthens your muscles. You don't need any of that. If your electric guitar keeps you practicing you should get a lecture guitar. If its an acoustic guitar, you want to sing, play and strum, that is the guitar you should get

What makes a guitar more expensive?

The quality of the parts, the woods that they use, all these little parts of the guitar are made up of high quality and that is going to make it expensive. On a cheaper guitar they are going to use plastic instead of other materials. They are going to use cheaper woods. A very expensive electric guitar like this might be of $1000 and then in the nylon strings that the guitar that i really like to use they are hand made instruments and it takes several months to be made and they can cost 5 to 6000 dollars. But I think you should may be spend fine to use the guitars for 100 dollars 200 dollar brand new guitar, they can all work.

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