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Different Parts of the Guitar

Learn about the different parts of a guitar and their functions in this Howcast video.


Let's talk about the parts of the guitar. Right, this is an acoustic guitar here, and it's very simple. We have a body, right? This whole area here is called the body. Then we have the neck, all right?. This is called the head. These little pieces here, these are called the tuners. This is where you tune the guitar. This little piece here is called the nut. These are the strings of course. All right? This is called the bridge. This is called the pick guard. This is called the sound hole. All right? This is where the sound of the instrument comes out. And then these little rectangles here, these are important. These are called the frets. All right? So this whole area here is fret number 1, number 2, number 3, and so on. This guitar here happens to have what's called a cut away. And that might be nice to climb up here, you know, on the guitar while you're playing. You know, most guitars it would be sort of like this side, right? So you would stop here, but this one allows you to get a little further into the guitar. And that's it. Those are the parts of the guitar.

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