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How to Hold a Guitar Pick

Learn how to hold a guitar pick in this Howcast video.


This is a guitar pick. This is a weary simple average one. In fact, they come in different thickness. This one is medium. Some come heavy, they call them heavy or soft‚ you know, or thin. But this is the plain old regular. And it's got a little point to it. That's the‚ that's the side that you want to hit the guitar string with. And to me, this is just an extension of your hand, or your first finger. You know‚ I hold it between my firs finger and my thumb. And with the point side facing the guitar, of course. Now, some people, they feel comfortable wit two fingers and the thumb. Eddie Van Halen, I think, plays like that, a little bit. To me, it put me to awkward position, so I like It.. I like just play it plain old regular. And then, some folks, then don't even use a pick. You know? I see John Mayer on MTV, and he is.. He is just using his thumb and fingers to play. But, I think, for most people‚ the most common way to do it, is just to hold it between your first finger and thumb. With the point side in, like an extension of your first finger. That it. That's how you hold a guitar pick.

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