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Introduction to Guitar Chords

Learn the basics about how to play guitar chords in this Howcast video.


So we're talking about chords. And chords are 3 or more notes played together. That's as simple as it is. So you might hear 1 note, you might hear 2 notes played together, but those are still not chords, right? A chord is 3 notes played at the same time. All right? So that's a full chord. And then on the guitar you can play 6 notes at a time, you know, at the most. And some chords, you know chords can be happy, right? Major. Major means happy in music. Or you might play a sad chord, which is minor. All right? And then there's something else called the 7th chord. 7th chords can – they sort of pull you to another chord. And so for instance, here's A7. And A7s whole job is to try to get to D. All right? Then you can start putting chords together to make songs. Maybe you have 3 chords in a song or 4 chords, or the sky's the limit.

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