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How to Play a D Minor Barre Chord on Guitar

Learn how to play a D minor barre chord in this Howcast video.


  • Step 1: To make D minor, take the E minor form down to the 10th fret, or the A minor form to the 5th fret.


Okay, next is D minor. So D minor, if you remember, we played it as an open chord earlier. And you can always do that, but other ways to make it - and here's one way, here's E minor, I'm going to bring it to the tenth fret to make D minor. So my barre is on the tenth fret, and I have my E minor shape. But now it's turned into D minor. And then, you can do A minor shape - with my first finger free. But this time I'm going to bring it to the fifth fret to make D minor.

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