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How to Tune a Guitar to Open G

Learn how to tune a guitar to open G in this Howcast video.


So talking about alternate tunings, another very popular one is open G tuning. The Rolling Stones use them, Black Crowes - lot of groups use this. What I’m going to do here is I'm going to drop my 6 string down to D. So same as before, I'm playing the 4th string open, which is D - and I'm matching that with my 6 string down from E down to D. Now, I'm going to do the same thing with my 1st string - I'm going to drop that down to D. So I’m going to use my 4th string here - match that again. And then we only have one more to do, which is the 5th string - this one we're trying to get to be G. Right now it's A, so I'm going to play my 3rd string, which is G, and bring my A string, the fifth string, down to G. So, there you go - that's open G tuning. If I just hit the strings with nothing on, that's G. And then I can move my finger across different frets and just play all those strings and they just turn into different chords every time. So that's how you can make an open G tuning.

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