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How to Practice Open Chords on Guitar

Learn how to practice open chords on guitar in this Howcast video.


Ok so let's talk about practicing these open chords you've just learned. We've learned about 20 open chords, or so. Now what we're gonna try to do is try to make little songs out of them. When I was a little kid, I learned these chords and I thought they were beautiful sounding, so what did I do? I just sat around and just played these chords. You know, I'd practice making each chord. Here's D. And, you know, I'd go, well let's go to G. There wasn't any rhyme or reason. It didn't have to sound good for me. But I was just going from chord to chord, whatever I had learned that week. So you can do the same thing. You know, first step is to make the chord. Right. Get it all to sound good. And then the next few steps is how can I get from one chord to the next? Cos that's coming up. You're gonna have to strum and change chords without stopping. So one of the things you can do is just sort of just sort of play through the chords. Practice making C. Practice making F. Practice making G. You know, can I get there from G to C? You know, or from D to G? Maybe E minor. I like E minor. It's easy. You might find G and E minor go very well. And then you might hear C and D. They all belong to the family of G. So once you hear that, you may just want to practice that. Here's G, couple times, and then I'm going to E minor. And then maybe C. And then maybe D. Another four that go together are A minor, F major, and then maybe C, and G. These all belong to the key of C, family of C, so you can practice playing that. A minor, and then F, and then C, and then G. Alright so the more you play around the more you'll find some that come together. It's a good way of practicing open chords.

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