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How to Positon Your Left Hand on Guitar

Learn how to position your left hand when playing guitar in this Howcast video.


Let's talk about the left hand. How you play the guitar is like how you play notes on a piano. Except on the piano, there's a key you push. On the guitar, you're doing twice the work. Your left hand is playing an actual note and your right hand is going to be the trigger for it. Your making the notes with left hand. So I'm shortening the length of the string with my fingertips. Where I move it, is making it higher or lower. You just want to touch the guitar on 2 places of your hand. You want to use your fingertips and your thumb, and that's it. You want to put your thumb about half-way on the back of the guitar. And you just want to use the tips of your fingers, curled into the guitar neck. I'm trying to keep my knuckles straight and I'm trying not to touch anywhere in here. If you do that's okay. Everyone's hands are a little different. Your fingers might be a little shorter than mine, a little longer, a little thicker. What we're going to try and do is get really exact in here. We're trying not to touch any of the other strings. We just want to be curled into that one spot we want the fingertip on. We don't want to mute out any strings with the back of your fingertip. That's why you want to be really exact. You don't want to squeeze real, real hard. You want it to be nice and relaxed almost, like some people say, like holding an egg. That's it. That's how you hold a guitar.

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