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How to Play with Suspensions on Guitar

Learn how to play with suspensions, a basic guitar playing technique, in this Howcast video.


So we've been talking about moving from one chord to the other using base notes, right? We've been using our four chords G, Em, C and D. But now let's talk about once you get there what you can do to the chord. So, when I was a kid I can do somebody fooling around with D, right? All I heard them do is put down their pinky here. You know, maybe I saw that on TV or I heard that on recording you know. I saw then put down their pinky there in the middle of the strum. So I said, 'wow' that's beautiful. I have to be able to use that, you know. So I practice like crazy on just that one chord. Right. Then I saw somebody else do something with D were they lifted up their middle finger so you can do that too, right? So or maybe a combination of both. Right? So, now let me try to put that into our little pattern, right? G, Em, C, and D, right? And when I get to D I'm just gonna sort of fool around with it. Anything that comes to mind, right? Do I go G, E Minor, and C and then D. I'd say how much more interesting now our song has become. Now, of course D is not the only one I could do that to. You could do that to C, right? For C to fool around with we can put our pinky right here on the fourth string, third Fret. So, right. Interesting sound and then I let go. Back to normal, right? So how about if I do all the strum. Down. Right. Down, down, down, up, up, down, right? So, let's put that in our pattern, right? When I get to C. When I fool around. When I get to D, I'm gonna fool around right? So I have G, E Minor, C this time I'm gonna fool around with it and then D. How about if I put some of the bass notes. Right? Playing with C. Right. See how much interesting that could be. So that's a nice way of playing around with the chords.

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