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How to Play an A Major Barre Chord on Guitar

Learn how to play an A major barre chord in this Howcast video for beginner guitar players.


OK. So, let's talk about A Major, the first bar chord we'll do. What I'm going to do is show you 2 types of bar chords. There's many but the 2 that I'm going to show you are based on 2 opening chords. The 1st one is E Major and then the 2nd one is going to be A Major. I'm just going to take E Major and I'm just going to switch around my finger so I have my 1st finger free, that's it. Right. Now, I'm going to bring the chord up and I'm going to use my 1st finger to what is called barre. I'm going to barre all the strings. I'm going to press all of those strings plus these. That's what makes it difficult, right. It was E Major and now wherever I move this shape, it's going to be a new chord. In this case, we're going to do A Major. So, here it is at the 5th fret. A Major, looks like E Major but with a bar. Here's A Major. That's one way to do it. The 2nd way is I'm going to use the A shape. I'm just going to adjust a little bit so I have my 1st finger free, just like before and then I'm going to move that chord down slowly. Again, I'm barring, and with this one I'm going to move it all the way up here to the 12th fret and that's A Major. Now, if you want, you can also make it with your ring finger. This might be a good time to do that because it's hard to put all those fingers on. Here is A Major as a bar chord at the 12th fret. The E-type, you can strum all the strings so no worries there. But the A style, say A at the 12th fret. Here your only strumming from the 5th string down. Now, there is several ways to accomplish that. You can just strum from the 5th string down or with the tip of this first finger you can kind of mute out the 6th string, barely touch it enough so that it doesn't make any sound. All right. This will happen for every chord that we do, all the A-types. Now, I don't have to be careful. So, that's 2 ways to play A Major barre chord.

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