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How to Restring a Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

Learn how to restring a nylon string acoustic guitar in this Howcast video.


Okay, let's talk about how to restring a nylon string guitar. It's actually a little trickier because you have to actually tie the string onto each end. If you notice on these strings you don't know which end is up. It doesn't really matter - you can use either end. And I'm going to put it through in the bridge here - there's a little hole, a channel - and I'm going to go ahead and put it through there. And then I'm going to make a little knot. So I'm going to slowly go under, and then I'm going to go through, and then I'm just making this little loop stay on the outside right there. So now I bring the rest of the string - so I've got to keep a little tension on here, otherwise it's all going to come loose - and I'm going to put it in this hole right up here, bring it through, and then I start turning. I'm going to make it look just like the other ones. So in this case, the extra part of the string - this part - is going over; so if I turn it the wrong way I'll know right away. You can also use your handy little string winder. Nylon strings are a little different than steel strings because they take a little stretching - so they're going to go out of tune a lot. Eventually it will get into place - it takes a little stretching. In fact, you can carefully stretch it a little bit to help the process along - nothing crazy. And bring it up to pitch and that's it - that's how you change a nylon string guitar.

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