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How to Hold a Guitar While Standing

Learn how to hold a guitar while standing in this Howcast video.


All right, so playing the guitar standing up. All this time you've been practicing sitting down, and now maybe you want to perform somewhere and you want to stand up while you play. So obviously you need a guitar strap. And for me I like to keep it about the same height that I was when I was sitting, right? So that's where I measure the strap, all right, to keep it about the same length, you know? You're going to see a lot of guitars and they might play with the guitar all the way down here or all the way up here, you know? That's OK, there's nothing wrong with that, but they've gotten used to a certain way of doing it. You know for me I just like it nice and regular, right in the average position, you know? This just gives me access to everything and it reminds me of while I was sitting down, what it's like to play. So that's how you hold the guitar when you're standing up.

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