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How to Make Guitar Slides

Learn how to make guitar slides in this Howcast video.


So let's talk about slides now. Slides is just another technique you can use to sound more voice like, a little trick. It is what it sounds like. I'm just going to slide my finger from one note to the next. All right? All right so I'm only playing 1 time, I'm only picking 1 note, and then I'm sliding right into the next note. So here I am doing the whole pentatonic scale with slides. Right? And now you can do them forward, you can do them backwards. Right? I'm just sort of playing around with the pentatonic scale. You know? Things to remember here is I have to keep the pressure down, of course, the whole time. Otherwise when I get to the note that I slid into, it won't sound. Right? And there you go, slides.

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