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How to Play a D Minor Open Chord on Guitar

Learn how to play a D minor open chord in this Howcast video.


Let's learn D minor. D minor is your first finger, it's gonna go on the first string, first fret; then your second finger is gonna go on the third string, second fret. And then your ring finger is gonna be a little bit of a stretch, but you've got to get it all the way out here to the second string, third fret. It's gonna be a little tricky, right?

And then you'll try to be a little careful here, with the strumming. You're trying to only hit these last four, right? If you do hit other ones it's okay, but, you know, these notes aren't in the chord, right? So, it sounds a little funny. If you're in the middle of strumming and you hit it, that's okay. But truly, the sound starts from here.

D minor.

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