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How to Improve Your iTrip

It’s a great little device that helps the miles fly by. And with a quick, easy adjustment, it can help them fly by even louder and clearer.


  • Step 1: Pry i-Trip out of case Carefully pry the i-Trip out of its case.
  • Step 2: Tape wire to antenna You’ll see a metal shield covering one side of the board. This is the antenna. Tape the copper wire to this shield.
  • Step 3: Reassemble Reassemble the i-Trip and wrap a few pieces of tape on it to make sure everything stays together.
  • TIP: For a better aesthetic, use colored tape that matches your i-Trip.
  • Step 4: Turn it on Turn it on and relax; your new antenna extension will keep your life static free.
  • FACT: There are downloadable applications available online which help you find the best local station to use for your i-Trip.

You Will Need

  • An i-Trip
  • A pocket knife
  • 10u201d of un-insulated copper wire
  • Tape

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