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How to Play Any Barre Chord in A Form on a Guitar

Learn how to play any barre chord in A Form in this guitar lesson from Howcast.


"So we've already found the E shapes of all the barre chords. Now, lets find the A shapes of all the barre chords. So, what does that require? Well, that, if you remember here's our A open chord, A major, right. Here's A minor. Here's A seven. Here's A major seven, A minor seven. So, we already know those, right. But now we can move those to make any chord we want. So, let's try to make C sharp minor seven. Okay, so, what am I going to do? I'm going to find C sharp. To use it on the A, right, I have to use the A string. That makes sense, right. So, here's A. We know that B is two frets away. We know that C is one more. And now here's C sharp, right. A C sharp raises a note one fret. And now all I have to do is remember my minor seven shape, right. So here it is this used to be A minor seven down there, right. So, I'm at C sharp. I use my minor seven shape. Here's C sharp minor seven as a barre code. Lets find E flat major seven. Okay, so, here's A, here's B, here's C, here's D, here's E. If you remember E flat we're going to lower one fret. So, I back that up one fret. I just have to remember my major seven shape. There it is E flat major seven. You can use that with all of the shapes, right. So, that's how you use A shape in order to make barre codes.


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