How to Buy an Acoustic Guitar

Learn everything you need to know about how to buy an acoustic guitar in this Howcast video.


So when you buy an acoustic guitar - this one happens to be a steel-string; your basic American folk guitar - just like electric guitars, there's the whole range. So this is a very good brand; this is a Taylor - very well known, Taylor and Martin are very good steel-sting acoustic guitar companies. Some come with electronics; you can plug it into an amplifier or into a PA system if you're playing a coffee house or something. Some come with a cutaway - like this one does - so that you can reach the higher level of the guitar here. The nice thing about an acoustic guitar is you can just bring it to the park - you don't need any cables or anything. You just bring your guitar and you can just start playing right there. Another kind of guitar is a nylon-string guitar. These can run the whole price range. This is actually a pretty expensive guitar; this was made in Spain. This is your basic European folk guitar. If you're worried about how hard it is to play the guitar, this is a nice option because they're softer on your hands and it has a little softer sound, too. So if you live in an apartment or something, this might be a nice way to go. Some really popular brands of cheaper ones, you can get a Yamaha guitar or an Alvarez - these are very good quality instruments, factory-made. They're made overseas, but they're fine instruments. And they're probably pretty cheap - about $100 you could get you a pretty good nylon-string guitar that you'll use for a long time. And they're great, you can just take them right to the park and play and that's it, have fun.

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