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How to Practice Guitar

Learn how to practice guitar in this guitar lesson from Howcast for beginner guitar players.


Obviously to get good on the guitar you have to practice, right? Every single day. I think it's worth it to do it every day for just even a few minutes. If you were to spend a few hours one day a week, I still don't think it's as good as spending a few minutes every single day. First, you want to make it fun for yourself. You know if you start making it something that's horrible to go to, well of course you're not going to go to that, right? So you want to make it fun for yourself. You want to make it filled with lots of songs that you really like. Hopefully you're playing with some other people maybe, or you're singing along. That's going to make it more fun. You know when I practice I'm really trying to zero in on places that I'm having trouble. You know? So if I'm working on a particular song, and I notice that I keep making the same mistake in the same place. Well, naturally of course I'm going to want to practice that 1 little spot, and see if I can really practice that, and then I want to try that in the context of the song. A little bit bigger part of the song, and a little bit bigger, and then finally I want to try do that throughput the whole song. See if I can have the whole song with that 1 little space figured out. Maybe people around you are getting better faster. That's OK. You know, you have to enjoy what you're doing and you're going to get better at your own pace. And that's OK. My motivation is that I want to try and be better, right? I want to try and get better every day. I want to try to technically be better. I want to try to be a better musician, right? I want to think about the notes and rhythm. And I want to work on different types of music, maybe jazz or blues. You know? So there's always something new to work on. Music is such a big field and guitar is such a big field that here's always something you can be working on. And if you just stick with it every single day, then you can get better and better for sure.

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