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How to Restring a Bass Guitar

Learn how to restring a bass guitar in this Howcast video.


This is how you restring a bass guitar, and this is very similar to an electric guitar although a little bit different on this end. At any rate, we have our string here. I'm just going to flip it over. I want to bring the string through here. I didn't take off any of the other strings, right? I know that that's the one where I have to go.

I got it through the bridge. I'm going to go ahead and pull it through, all the way until it's, until I know that piece has gotten in here. I'm going to go ahead and bring this down the guitar neck.

Here this is a little bit different than before. The string actually goes into the center of this tuning post, right in the center there. Now I have to think ahead a little bit because I don't want to wind a million windings. I want to cut some of this off.

What I tend to do is I tend to make it as long as the second post past the one I need. I always think that that comes up with a good measurement. I cut off the extra bit. It's garbage. I'm going to put it into the whole, right in the center.

Then again, I'm trying to make it look like the rest of these, right? See how the string is going inside? That's what I want to do with this one.

If I start turning the wrong way, you're going to know pretty quick. This takes a little finesse. I have to make sure it sits in the nut here. That's it. I'm going to bring it up to pitch.

It's pretty hard to break a bass string, but it's possible. That's it. That's how you restring a bass guitar.

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